Buildings Nationwide Compete for Energy Efficiency

While LEED is a central topic to this blog, it is not the only measure of energy efficiency.  The Environmental Protection Agency has its own Energy Star program through which building owners, managers, etc can upload their building’s energy use.  The program then compares your building against buildings of similar type across the country.  Your… Read More Buildings Nationwide Compete for Energy Efficiency

Apple and EPEAT

I love a lot of things about Apple and my iPhone  is practically permanently affixed to my body. When a company is a s big as Apple, though, and working to remain a leader in among rapidly evolving technologies in tough economic times, they are bound to make a few missteps. Apple has taken a… Read More Apple and EPEAT

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

I’ve been meaning to blog about this cool Nike program for awhile and am happy that I am finally getting to it! In 1990, Nike instituted the “reuse-a-shoe” program which allows them to accept used athletic shoes of any brand for recycling into a line of “Nike Grind” sports surfaces. Under this program, consumers can bring… Read More Nike Reuse-A-Shoe