UC to Use Green Bonds

As a University of Cincinnati alumnae, as well as a past resident adviser at UC, I was very pleased today to read that UC is going to be issuing green bonds to finance the renovation of Scioto Hall, a more than slightly out of date residence hall on the university’s main campus. A few years ago, Scioto’s neighbor and former twin, Morgen’s Hall, was fully renovated. This renovation, which you can read about here on Behance.net, was so well received that the University decided to do a similar renovation on Scioto. The project is pursuing LEED certification at the silver level or higher and is especially focused on improving energy efficiency with new mechanical systems and a high tech glazing system that utilizes air space, low-e coatings and fritted glass to reduce heat gain and loss.

The University of Cincinnati will become the first public university in the country to issues Green Bonds for a construction project according to School Construction News. The article also indicates that UC is issuing the bonds for this project as Green Bonds because the project has been designed to meet the Green Bond Principles that were established in January of 2014 by environmental finance agencies and banks. You can read the full Guidelines for issuing Green Bonds here : Green Bond Guidelines

Photo credit: http://www.behance.net


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