Why Can’t I Edit My LEED Form After Review?

As part of my continuing ‘Behind the LEEDers’ theme, today I’ll be documenting a part of LEED online that I experienced for the first time.

We submitted our LEED documentation for one of SHPs projects a few months and today received comments back from the various LEED reviewers who check the documentation contained in LEED Online.  After reviewing the comments I was ready to get back into LEED Online and start making some changes.

So first I logged in. Then went and ran 6 miles, cooked a lobster, and baked a cake while I waited for the website to load.  I progressed through the site per usual when I came to this screen:

LEED capture

This is where I typically click here to access the credit form:

LEED capture 1

Despite my best efforts at clicking this button and then trying to edit the form, no matter what I did the form was not editable.  I could not figure out what was going on.  Since you’re here I assume you’re having the same problem.  No worries, I got you.

Rather than clicking in the usual place as I did, notice this lovely message:

LEED capture 2


Now some of you are thinking “Well, duh.  Don’t you read anything before you click?”

Well the short answer is nope, I don’t.  I think many other 20-somethings would agree that after growing up with the Internet we’ve become accustomed to approaching webpages the same each time we encounter them.  There is a certain amount of familiarity that makes us feel comfortable and safe.  So my natural assumption is that if every other part of the webpage looks the same in my 0.5 sec glance across it I assume everything is the same.

Well, in order to access a form in an editable state, you must click here:

LEED capture 3

Having now written this that seems so simple, but frustrated me for many many minutes.  But be aware of these subtle changes in the website and you’ll better understand how to navigate through LEED Online.


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