How to view LEED review comments

Hello again!

As I mentioned in my previous post we received our LEED comments back today on a project submitted a few months ago.  Following the review process the LEED reviewers issue a brief statement about any credits/prerequisites that may have been deemed unacceptable.  Here’s the quick way to see all of those comments.

First, per usual access LEED Online and proceed to the project scorecard.


From here you must find the credits to which you are assigned.  Then click on that credit and you’ll arrive here.

LEED capture

At this screen noticed the options listed on the right side of the window.  Specifically notice where it says ‘Review Comments’

Review comments

Clicking this link will open a new window.  A report will be generated within that window


Wait a few minutes and eventually you’ll see a full report similar to this one


Scroll down through the report and each credit category will have its own drop-down plus sign to the left.  Click these plus signs to reveal the reviewer’s comments for each credit

LEED review 1




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