Behind the LEEDers: Accessing LEED Online

In last week’s post I elaborated on a few topics that aren’t typically mentioned when discussing LEED.  The principles that LEED champions are proudly displayed but the actual workings of the process itself are an entirely different conversation.

For today I’ll take you through a basic overview of what you’ll see/do when you first log into LEED Online.



This is the home screen for LEED Online.  Here are all the projects to which you are currently a member.  In order to access a project you must first have its Project Access ID (which I’ve whited out in the picture) and then enter it in the field at the bottom of the page.  A request will then be sent to the project administrator to confirm or deny your involvement in the project.

After you select a project (in this case, Oxford Lane Library) you’ll then be brought to the project’s home page.  It opens to the ‘Overview’ tab of the page to show the current status of the credits being attempted in the project.  It also lists whether the project is yet LEED certified (remember, buildings get certified, people get credentialed!).


Probably the most important tab on the project Home Page is the ‘Scorecard’ tab.  This opens the LEED checklist of each and every prerequisite and credit in the LEED category you’ve selected for the project (New Construction, Homes, Schools, O&M, etc).  Here you can see my name (Andrew Hemmelgarn) listed in the ‘Assignee’ column of a few credits.  This are the credits that are assigned to me and I can ONLY ACCESS THESE CREDITS!  A part of LEED that is both frustrating but understandably needed is that I must wait until the project administrator assigns a credit to me before I can even look at it.  This makes it difficult to share LEED work amongst a group as the credits must either be assigned to all of you or you’ll have to exchange LEED log in information.


Well that’s your dip into LEED for this week.  Now get back to work!


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