Behind the LEEDers: An Inside Look at LEED

To anyone developing an interest in building design, their research will inevitably introduce them to the USGBC’s LEED program at some point.  USGBC launched its first pilot program in 1998 that would eventually evolve into the latest version, LEED v4. There are tons of websites that offer “The quick study guide to your LEED Green Associate” or “Guaranteed to pass your LEED exam!” but I really found it hard to find any information that I would consider “real”.  Real, practical information not about the concepts that LEED promotes but about the literal LEED process:

  • How is documentation approached?
  • What EXACTLY do I need to document?
  • How difficult and time consuming is LEED?

I found that I blindly touted the benefits of LEED before I had even cut my teeth on a LEED project.  In an effort to offer actual insight I will be doing a weekly post that focuses on a different aspect of the inner-workings of LEED. For today, I’ll start with a simple overview infographic of different components of LEED that I have found essential to know, four of them to be exact.


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