University of Dayton Divests from Fossil Fuels!

Although Ohio has recently been on a crash course to undo all things sustainable about our state (SB 310, freezing Ohio’s renewable requirements and HB 483, new location requirements for commercial wind farms), the University of Dayton is joining a movement that can speak volumes about renewable energy, with or without Gov. John Kasich’s support.

UD, Ohio’s largest private university, has announced that they will begin divesting some $670 million it has invested in various fossil fuel industries.  The move is seen as one in the right direction, both financially and morally.  The Vatican itself has encouraged action against climate change and Thomas Van Dyck, VP of SRI Wealth Management Group, has stated “… more people are understanding the financial risk that underlies fossil fuels in the stock market.  It’s not only values, but valuation risk associated with owning fossil fuel companies.”

So a big shout out to our friends up north at the University of Dayton, keep leading the way and the fight for renewable energies, even if your home state is seemingly not on your side.  You have our support.


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