LEED AP CEU reporting period #2 complete

I am not always an early adopter, but I did “opt-in” to the new LEED AP with specialty credential pretty quickly after it was launched in 2009. Primarily, I needed to be able to confidently advise my co-workers on the brand new credential and associated continuing education requirement and provide an opinion on if they should opt-in as well.

Fast forward 4 years from my decision to opt-in and I have just recently completed my second 2-year long CEU reporting period. My first two year period was a little painful because I was required to do the “prescriptive” maintenance path required of those that have newly opted into the LEED AP with Specialty credential. This essentially meant that of my required 30 hours for the BD+C credential, there was a prescribed numbers of hours that had to be done in each of several different categories that roughly relate the the LEED Rating System categories. During my second two-year reporting period I no longer had to meet the prescriptive requirements, so my hours could be on any topic I desired. However, a few years back, I had also picked up ID+C, O+M, ND and Homes specialty credentials, so I had to do an additional 6 hours of LEED-specific continuing education for each credential meaning 54 hours total including my original 30 hours for BD+C. 54 hours over two years isn’t insurmountable, especially since many of my hours can be earned through LEED project participation, but it was a little overwhelming at first.

A few weeks back I officially submitted all 54 of my hours to renew my credentials for another two years. I know many of you are in the process of doing the same thing as I just did, so I decided to upload my full CMP summary (click on the link below) so that you can see what these things look like and the typr of information you need to enter if you are just getting started. A couple of caveats- a couple of my hours are for “self-study” but as of the latest CMP guide update, the is not longer an accepted delivery method. Additionally, please remember that if your renewal submission is audited you may be required to provide additional documentation of your activities. Hope this helps!

Click here to download my LEED Credential CMP Summary.


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