LEED v4 Adopted

I apologize for being a little late to the party on this one, but summer is getting away from me! It was announced on July 2 that LEED v4 has been approved and will be officially launched this fall (likely in conjunction with Greenbuild). This latest version of LEED went through several drawn out public comment periods over the past few years before finally being turned over to a “consensus body” (USGBC national members who officially opted-in to the voting group) for an acceptance vote during the month of June.

In order for LEED  v4 to be adopted 66.7% or more of the voters had to vote to approve. Despite an extended, and often contentious, public comment cycle I felt pretty confident that LEED v4 would manage to be voted in. I was however, pretty surprised that 86% of voters voted for adoption. While I think many generally support the concept that each version of LEED must get more stringent in order to spur the industry there was a great deal of concern that LEED v4 pushed too far too fast and would be stress project teams who were just now becoming accustomed to LEED 2009 requirements too much. Time will tell, but I predict that, at the least, state and federal legislation to discourage or even ban the use of LEED may see at least a temporary up tick.



One thought on “LEED v4 Adopted

  1. Yup, it passed – big whoop. I’m with Melissa, Rob and Russ – many of my peeps who have a long history of supporting all things LEED voted no, or voted yes ‘while holding their nose’ as one friend put it. I wonder how many of the yes votes came with qualifications/comments. And how many abstentions there were because people could not come to a definitive conclusion as to how to vote.


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