GBCI revises Credential Maintenance Again

A few months ago, GBCI and USGBC published a new Credential Maintenance Program Guide which he can download by clicking here. The credential maintenance program for LEED credentials have been a frequently evolving process over the past nearly four years since its launch. The first incarnation of the program was widely regarded as exceptionally complex and very difficult to understand and report on. The first version had 8 delivery methods and a very complicated matrix of acceptable activities that would qualify for continuing education. This newest version seems to simplify things quite a bit by narrowing the delivery methods (now called activities) down to four categories:

  1. Education (unlimited number of hours)
  2. LEED Project Participation (unlimited number of hours)
  3. Authorship (unlimited number of hours)
  4. Volunteering (no more than half of all CE hours)

You’ll notice that three out of four of these delivery methods are available for an unlimited number of hours. Personally, I think this is a great step toward streamlining the process in and of itself as I always found it difficult in earlier versions of the program to keep track of the hour limits for certain delivery methods. For instance, you used to only be able to report a maximum of 10 hours for project participation. It’s great to see that limit go away. Also, all activity types can now be considered LEED-specific if certain requirements are met.

I am also happy to see that the reporting has been streamlined with a simplified tool. When I reported participation in a webinar today, it was as easy as imputing a date, the activity type and a brief description of the activity. So much easier than the previous reporting tool! If you’ve been putting off reporting your CMP activities because of what a pain it is like I have now might be a great time to take a new look at the program and get your reporting up to date!





One thought on “GBCI revises Credential Maintenance Again

  1. For the last 2 weeks I am unable to log in to the credential maintenance programme. When I log in I am redirected but I am not getting the redirected site. Could you please help?


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