Greenwashing at NeoCon 2012

Well, surprisingly, I didn’t really see much Greenwashing while I was at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago yesterday for NeoCon 2012. Actually, I didn’t see much of a focus on sustainability at all this year which was a little bit surprising and definitely disappointing. Nevertheless, I was there to give an education session on Greenwashing, so sustainability in general and greenwashing in particular were still at the forefront of my mind.

My session aimed to help both consumers and product reps/manufacturers avoid greenwashing and had the following learning objectives:

  • Analyze what greenwashing is and why it happens
  • Distinguish between different types of greenwashing and what they mean
  • Develop criteria for identifying questionable environmental claims

If you would like to know more about greenwashing and wish you had been at my NeoCon session, I have the next best thing for you! Click here to view and download a PDF of my presentation slides.




2 thoughts on “Greenwashing at NeoCon 2012

  1. Of the four sessions I attended at NeoCon this year, this one was my favorite. It’s great to be able to actually pinpoint what’s missing from the ubiquitous green ads. Thanks, Allison!


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