LEED 2012 Becomes LEED v4

It was officially announced in an email from Rick Fedrizzi, CEO of USGBC, last night that the voting by USGBC members on the acceptance of LEED 2012 is being pushed until June of 2013. Consequently, the new version of LEED is being renamed from “LEED 2012” to “LEED v4”. If you click on the link to Rick’s blog in the email, you will also find out that:

  • You will still be able to register new projects under LEED 2009 rating systems for at least 3 years
  • There will be a 5th public comment period for the new rating system from October 2 to December 10
  • They are looking for projects willing to test out the new “LEED v4” rating system prior to formal vote

I think most of us probably saw this delay coming as we were getting closer and closer to the anticipated launch of LEED 2012 at Greenbuild this November and didn’t seem to be seeing resolution to all, or even most, of the public concerns expressed during the comment periods. Credits were not just being tweaked between comment periods, but completely overhauled and each change seemed to raise added concerns instead of quelling fears.

It’s too early to predict how all of this will turn out, but I do fear that the longer this thing drags out, the more wishy washy USGBC will seem and the more time special interest groups and lobbyist will have to grab hold of an issue and run with it. I guess it’s back to wait-and-see mode for the time being…


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