I’m A Renewable Resource Too!

I’ve been a regular blood donor ever since college, but in the past week, I’ve made a slightly bigger commitment to sharing my bodily resources by joining the Morrow Donor Registry. I’m young and healthy, and it just seems like making my bone marrow available to someone who desperately needs a marrow transplant is the right thing to do, just like many of the sustainability strategies I employ on regular basis. Why introduce harmful chemicals in our building if there are healthier, common sense alternatives? Why use more of a resource than we need? Why use an old growth tree if we could use a shorter growth, more rapidly renewable option instead? I’m not quite generous enough at this point to donate an organ that wouldn’t replenish itself, but my body is constantly producing more blood and more marrow, so why not?

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t take my decision to join the marrow registry lightly. I realize that if I am found to be a match for a patient now or in the future that it’s a big and potentially fairly painful commitment. Still, spending a few days or even weeks experiencing some inconvenience or pain seems like such a manageable thing to save a life by simply giving something that my body naturally produces so routinely.

Are you interested in joining the Marrow Registry? Find out more at www.BetheMatch.org


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