Kutol Products Company Earns LEED Silver

As many of you know, I am routinely involved in the LEED certification processes of both projects that my firm, SHP, designs as well as projects that other architecture firms design as a LEED consultant. Late last week, one of my consulting projects became the first LEED 2009 project I have worked on to achieve LEED certification. Kutol Products Company is a commercial soap products company located right outside of Cincinnati in Sharonville Ohio. They came to SHP almost two years ago when they were designing their new manufacturing facility and were interested in pursuing LEED certification. As with many of my consulting jobs, the design and construction teams had never done a LEED project before but they were willing to learn.

The biggest hurdle with this project was applying ASHRAE 90.1 standards to a manufacturing facility that had very high process loads and still achieving a significant number of points in the Optimize Energy credit, which was important to the project’s owner. The final solution included a geothermal well field to support part of the HVAC load. Once we got that figured out, the rest was relatively smooth sailing.


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