Ohio’s Green Profile is on the Rise

Recently, the state of Ohio in general and Cincinnati specifically have been getting a lot of press about the advancements our area has been making in sustainable design and construction. I’m very pleased to be able to say that SHP Leading Design is making a huge contribution to this progress. According to the LEED project directory on www.GBCI.org, the state of Ohio currently has 177 LEED Certified Buildings. SHP is responsible for designing or consulting on 5 of the 177- so almost 3%. Not a great number, but with a couple dozen additional projects very close to achieving certification, I expect that number to rise rapidly.

A recent USGBC report on Green Building Market Activity in the State of Ohio gives us some insight into why Ohio has made such strides in sustainable design. You can read the whole report here but below are a few highlights:

  • The Ohio School Facilities Commission has mandated LEED Silver or better for all new state funded schools (SHP was also part of writing the guidelines). Read about Cincinnati Public School District’s commitment to green here.
  • 472 organizations are LEED member companies
  • There are 3,673 LEED Accredited Professionals in Ohio
  • Ohio ranks 11th nationally in number of commercial buildings that are LEED certified or pursuing certification
  • Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati are all in the top 40 cities for most LEED projects
  • The report also highlights Pleasant Ridge Montessori, an SHP design

Of course, the above data applies mostly to advances in LEED Certified construction and LEED is certainly not the only way to be sustainable. However, LEED acceptance is a good indicator of any area’s progress in becoming more green because it establishes a goal and a metric that can be documented and tracked.


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