Cincinnati Zoo Solar Array

So many topics I wanted to blog about, but so little time to do it in! Last week, I did take a needed day off work and a friend of mine and I went to the Cincinnati Zoo. I knew that the zoo had acquired the funding to build the large solar array in its main parking lot that I wrote about in this post but I was still amazed when we drove up and actually saw the impact and magnitude of the project. A series of “solar canopies” has been designed, and now installed, to cover 800 of the main parking lot’s 1000 parking spaces. According to the zoo, this array is capable of covering 20% of the zoo’s annual electricity needs. The zoo is billing this as the largest publicly accessible, urban solar energy project in the country, coming in at 1.56 megawatts. I think that the picture above begins to show the scale of these things, but also check out the video clip below for more on this huge investment in renewable energy!




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