Does your Bar Recycle?


This rather lame video is actually announcing a really cool program that is available in Cincinnati. In addition to residential curb side recycling, the Hamilton County (Ohio) Recycling and Solid Waste District offers a relatively new bar and restaurant recycling program. So far, 31 local bars and restaurants (see the list here) have signed up for the program, which allows them to divert glass, plastics, metals and paper products from the landfill. According to the program’s website,  The Comet, one of the bars that has signed up (and my favorite place to get a chicken quesadilla in Cincinnati), recycled over 26,000 beer and liquor bottles in just the first three months it had been a part of the program. Bars and Restaurants are also seeing a cost savings to the program, with The Comet also citing a $30 monthly savings for waste pickup.

Residential recycling programs can have a huge impact on landfill diversion rates and the supply of post consumer recycled content to manufacturing processes, but imagine the immense impact that can be made if more cities and more bars and restaurants pursue recycling!


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