Nike Reuse-A-Shoe

I’ve been meaning to blog about this cool Nike program for awhile and am happy that I am finally getting to it! In 1990, Nike instituted the “reuse-a-shoe” program which allows them to accept used athletic shoes of any brand for recycling into a line of “Nike Grind” sports surfaces. Under this program, consumers can bring their old, worn out, athletic shoes to any U.S. Nike retail location (and some global locations) and Nike will grind them up and turn them into running tracks, tennis court surfaces, playground surfaces, gym flooring and more. The program claims to have accepted and recycled over 25 million pairs of shoes to date.

I love this program and appluad Nike’s corporate responsibilty mission that led to its creation- currently no other shoe manufacturer has a comparable program. However, I wish that the program was not titled “reuse-a-shoe” becuase this program is about recycling, not reuse. Nike does point out on the reuse-a-shoe website that this program should only be used for worn out shoes that would not be acceptable to donation programs that help those in need of shoes.  Despite my concerns about the technical correctness of the program title, keeping 25 million shoes out of a landfill is a huge accomplishment!


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