Vote for Us! Free Green’s “Who’s Next 2.0” Competition

A colleague of mine, Kimberly Martin, and I recently teamed up with a friend in Chicago, Corey DiRutigliano, to enter the “Who’s Next 2.0” architecture competition sponsored by Free Green. Free Green is a website that aims to provide free and affordable home plans with a sustainable bent to the general public. So, the basic premise of the competition was to select from two available client profiles and design a house that could meet the needs of that client and others like them while keeping sustainable design as a core value. The competition will select one  sort of  “best of show” overall winner plus an additional winner in each category through a combined jury and public voting process. The winners will receive modest cash prizes and also the opportunity to sell their plans through the Free Green website. I’m always looking for a good design competition to enter, and this one seemed interesting from many aspects. The competition organizers had also run a reasonably successful version 1.0 of this type of competition about a year ago, so that was a plus as well. My teammates and I quickly decided on the “modernist retreat” profile that calls for a lake house for an empty nester couple over the “traditional family” profile that calls for a contemporary spin on a traditional family home. Click here to read a little more about each profile and the competition rules.

To cut to the chase, our entry has now been chosen as a “finalist” out of the nearly 400 entries. What that means is that we are now, at least partially, at the mercy of the voting public. We would really appreciate it if you would take a couple minutes to view our entry by clicking here and vote for it if you like what you see!

Vote Here!


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