EcoSet Helps Sets Go Green

I recently read this article in Advertising Age about a company called EcoSet and how they have been helping Target go green while they film their commercials. The article describes how EcoSet is working to make commercial, film and television sets more sustainable through small changes like switching from bottled water to reusable water bottles, recycling, and donating leftover materials to non-profit organizations. I was really intrigued by this concept, because most of the companies trying to “green” the film and music industry to date have focused primarily on the purchase of carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are great and all, but isn’t it better to not produce the carbon in the first place?

According to the article, Target has had a partnership with EcoSet since Spring of 2009, and in that time frame they have diverted over 100,016 pounds of waste from landfills (over 85% of the total waste produced), replaced 35,400 plastic watter bottles with reusable ones and donated to over 85 non-profits and community organizations. With this much impact form the shooting of short commercials, I can’t help but think of the impact that could be made if these practices were implemented in the filming of television shows and movies as well!


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