My New Amazon Kindle

Hopefully everyone had/is having a great holiday season. Now that the rush is over for me, I can hopefully get back to more consistent blog writing! I finally broke down this year and asked my husband for an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is read. Sometimes I read intelligent non-fiction, but primarily I read completely unintellectual mystery novels (I deserve some down time, right?). Consequently, I have developed a habit of buying paperback books that I will read once and only once. I always make sure to take them to someplace like Half Price Books when I am done so they will be reclaimed and resold, but I still feel like it’s not very sustainable with the sheer quantity of paper that goes into a book that it only takes me a week or two to read.

Hopefully, the Kindle will allow me to stop my paperback habit. I liked the Kindle over some of it’s competitors for a couple reasons. The black and white format and their special E ink screen seemed the best replacement for my paperback obsession. I also liked that I could buy a 3G model without a monthly contract which will allow me to download new books even when I don’t have Wi-Fi access. Finally, the battery life is supposed to be tremendous, lasting up to a month if you don’t have the wirelss turned on, which definitely blows other devices out of the water.

So, we’ll see how the Kindle Experience goes, perhaps it will help lower my personal footprint just a bit.


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