LEEDuser.com at Greenbuild

I had been hoping to do a lot of blogging at Greenbuild this year, but unfortunately it has been incredibly difficult to get a wireless or broadband connection at McCormick Place, so my blogging has been pretty limited. I was able to catch up with Tristan Roberts of LEEDuser and ask him how his Greenbuild experience has been so far, so while I seem to have a connection, I wanted to do a quick post.
Tristan has been manning the LEEDuser booth for much of the conference, but had just finished giving the LEEDuser specialty update session, so that’s what we talked about. While the topic of the session was primarily the energy related LEED credits, Tristan told me that the audience questions at the end of the session were wide ranging. Many attendees had questions or even complaints about the wide variation in LEED review comments returneded by GBCI, and questions about general requirements like defining a LEED boundary. I was interested to know if there were any questions concerning the LEED 2012 drafts that were released last week, but apparently the drafts are not really on the radar of the typical Greenbuild attendee just yet.


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