LEED for Homes Eco-Charette

All of the LEED Rating Systems suggest that you start the design process with an eco-charette where you bring together as many project team members as possible to talk about the sustainable strategies for the project (Read my description of an eco-charette I recently facilitated here). The LEED for Homes Rating System, however, is the only system that actually has a credit for holding a design charette. I was really excited to participate in my first LEED for Homes eco-charette on Tuesday, and for once in a very long time, I wasn’t the one facilitating the charette! For this project, Sanyog Rathod of local firm Sol Developments, is acting as our Green Rater, so he led the charette. The whole concept of a “Green Rater” is also unique to the LEED for Homes Rating System. As the project’s Rater, Sanyog is not only responsible for leading our eco-charette, but also arranging or conducting two on-site inspections to verify strategies are installed and conveying all accountability forms and other documents to GBCI for review.

This project, Woodburn Pointe, is my first LEED for Homes project, so I am looking forward to learning the ins and outs of the Homes Rating System from an implementation standpoint to add to my book knowledge of the system. Being a renovation and combination of two 100 year old building to accommodate affordable senior housing, this should be an interesting project to learn on! I’m sure I’ll have more updates along the way.


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