Do Revolving Doors Save Energy?

I’ve wondered several times over the years if there is really any tangible proof that revolving doors do, in fact, save energy, and after discussing this topic on Friday with a coworker I decided to finally research the topic. I’ll admit, I was a little doubtful that the amount of energy a revolving door saved, if any, would be large enough to quantify. Doing a quick internet search, though, I very quickly found a study done by MIT on this exact subject which is summarized here. The study showed that 8x as much air is exchanged when using a swinging door versus the use of a revolving door. In fact, how much heat is transferred when using a swinging door is pretty amazing. The heat transfer is approximately 267 BTUs, which is roughly equivalent to:

  • 1.3 hours of an incandescent lamp
  • 4.3 hours of a compact fluorescent lamp
  • Driving a car 306 feet
  • Half a mile jog

This study indicated that if everyone used the revolving doors at one MIT building, the college could save $7500 in natural gas alone each year! Of course, on temperate Spring and Fall days the energy savings from using a revolving door may be minimal, but this study is certainly en0ugh to ensure that I will be very conscious of always using the revolving door from now on!


One thought on “Do Revolving Doors Save Energy?

  1. Haha, thanks! Just wondered the same after debating with an insistent security guard at my building over the merits of revolving versus swinging. Surprising results!


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