LEED for Campus Applications

A few weeks ago I spoke with a representative of USGBC about the upcoming release of the new version of the LEED Campus Application Guide. This guide has not been updated since 2005, and the old version of the guide is not applicable to LEED 2009 projects. So, I have been eagerly awaiting the new release because I have two projects with multiple new buildings on the same site that really need the new guidance. On Monday, USGBC did officially release the 2010 LEED Application Guide for Multiple Buildings and On-Campus Building Projects (AGMBC). Click here to access the guide. This new guidance can be used in conjunction with LEED 2009 project using the BD+C, ID+C and O+M rating systems but cannot be used with LEED for Homes or LEED for Neighborhood Development Projects. The old version, from 2005, can still be used with pre LEED 2009 projects.

The great thing about the new guide is that it allows for campuses that are certifying more than one building to apply certain LEED credits campus wide using a “LEED Campus Boundary” in addition to individual “Project LEED Boundary” demarcations. This is extremely beneficial as it allows us to look at things like stormwater management, light pollution reduction and parking allocation from a whole site perspective instead of trying to address parts and pieces of a larger system and allocate them to individual buildings.


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