Greenbuild 2010

I’m all registered to attend Greenbuild again this year and have signed up for my education sessions. I’m a little perplexed, though, that with Greenbuild less than eight weeks away and the early registration deadline already passed the keynote speaker(s) have not yet been announced. While published estimates expect 30,000 visitors to this year’s Greenbuild, I can’t help but wonder if that number will be realized given the still sluggish economy and a repeat of the same venue used for Greenbuild in 2007. Attendance was up last year even in a down economy, but I am beginning to sense a little bit of apathy and a feeling that once you’ve been to Greenbuild once, do you really need to go again? When I was signing up for my education sessions I did notice several sessions that seemed to be more technically in-depth than past years have offered, which I think is a potentially good strategy for encouraging return visits. A few years ago, Greenbuild was a much needed celebration of a still forming green movement. I believe that it is now time for Greenbuild to offer more to those of use who have been working in sustainable design for years and go beyond being a simple pep rally to being a resource and source of inspiration that will sustain and enrich the movement. I’ll keep an open mind going into this year’s event, and hopefully I will be rewarded for it.


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