Green BIM

SHP Leading Design was recently featured as part of a case study in the McGraw-Hill Construction Green BIM SmartMarket Report that was published on August 30th. The case study (available here) examines how SHP incorporates energy modeling into our BIM process. We have developed a flow by which models are exported from Revit into Green Building Studio to test early energy use assumptions having to do with building massing, orientation and other conceptual design level strategies. Later in the process, as the design becomes more developed, we begin exporting Revit models into Ecotect Analysis and finally into eQUEST to perform more and more detailed energy analysis.

While we’re happy with the results of this energy modeling process, it can be a bit of a challenge to have to export information out of Revit and into separate analysis tools. While the GBxml file allows our Revit model to be imported into the analysis software there’s a tremendous need for the Revit model to be set up correctly in order for the file to be readable for analysis. Just another small hurdle when you’re on the leading edge of implementing a BIM process and maximizing its potential, especially as it relates to sustainable design!

You can download the full Green BIM SmartMarket report for free here.


One thought on “Green BIM

  1. I heard that Revit 2011 will have the capabilities of getting real time data about energy use and carbon footprint as one is creating the building.
    Typically, I create a full eQuest model simply from the arch documents without dealing with the Revit or Ecotect files just to make sure no building errors affect the model.


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