Waiting for a LEED Review?

The good news is that the days of LEED reviews taking 18 weeks (yes one of my reviews actually took 18 weeks!) seem to be behind us. According to a recent article on BuildingGreen.com (here) 94% of LEED reviews are being returned on-time, meaning within the 25 business day period that is so often quoted by GBCI. The bad news is that GBCI seems to be in such a hurry to return reviews that they are not notifying project teams that their reviews are ready and have been returned to the project teams with comments. On three of the four reviews returned to SHP Leading Design project teams this past month we did not receive an email from the certification team notifying us that our review was ready. This can certainly lead to a brief moment of panic when we have no idea how long ago our review was actually returned. All three times we did not receive an email, I noticed that our project reviews had been returned because I regularly monitor all of our projects. On one of the three projects we actually received an email from our review team several days later indicating that there had been a “glitch” that prevented an email from being sent to alert our project team that the review was complete.

So what does this all mean? I guess for now if you have a project currently submitted for a LEED review it is best to check your project regularly in LEED Online to see if your review is ready. Hopefully GBCI will fix this “glitch” soon…


2 thoughts on “Waiting for a LEED Review?

  1. My wife is experiencing this as well with all of her LEED projects. And this is proving to be a problem since there is a short time frame to respond to any comments from the review. There was one project where they actually had two days to respond from the time they actually found out the review was completed.


    1. It’s definitely scary! I am not sure if GBCI would take any action if you do not submit clarifications within the 25 business day response period, but hypothetically the could deny all of the credits and prerequisites that were previously marked “clarify” and that would definitely not be a good position to be in. When I discover that we have a review back that were weren’t notified of I’ve gotten in the habit of contacting GBCI through their web contact form to alert them that we were not notified that the review was ready and asking that our 25 days begin on the day we discovered the review was back. This lets GBCI know there was a problem and gives us our full 25 days!


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