LEED 2009 (LEED v3) Sample Forms

Over a year after launching LEED 2009 and LEED Online v.3, GBCI and USGBC have yet to make sample credit forms (previously called letter templates) available for project team use. Because I think it is very important for new project teams to have access to sample forms, I have decided to upload a sample form from each of the rating system categories here to my blog from one of my own projects so that project teams can get an understanding of how the forms look and function before they take the leap and register their project. All of the forms below are developed by and copyrighted by the U.S. Green Building Council and pertain to the LEED for New Construction 2009 Rating System.

Project Information Form:

PI1: Minimum Program Requirements

Sustainable Sites:

SS credit 2: Development Density and Community Connectivity

Water Efficiency:

WE credit 3: Water Use Reduction

Energy and Atmosphere:

EA credit 6: Green Power

Materials and Resources:

MR credit 2: Construction Waste Management

Indoor Environmental Quality:

IEQ credit 3.1: Construction IAQ Management Plan During Construction

Innovation and Design:

No forms


2 thoughts on “LEED 2009 (LEED v3) Sample Forms

  1. I am studying for my LEED AP BD&C exam and am looking for the sample credit forms so I can get my own idea how the reference guide (which has a lot of verbal “filler”) compares to what actually needs to get submitted and what the form for each credit looks like. I cannot believe they do not have sample published yet for each credit form. Nothing sounds easier- just turn on the “SAMPLE” watermark, lock the form, and publish. It would be nice if the eventual samples allowed playing with the numbers in calculations a little, but still it seems like the easiest thing in the world to get the sample forms done!
    But anyways- so looking at your select few Version 3 credit forms and comparing them to V2.2 sample forms you can download, they seem much more minimal? For example, the V2.2 SS2.2 sample form is 8 pages long and has lots of stuff to input. The actual version 3 SS2.2 credit forom you included is only one page long. Did they really simplify the forms that much?? Thanks, Ross


    1. Ross- I too wish they would publish all of the sample forms for v3, but at this point, it looks doubtful to me that they ever will. Some of the v3 forms have been streamlined- they did make an effort to minimize required information and take advantage of “shared information” that gets pulled into some of the forms by virtue of it being filled out in another form- things like building square footage or number of project parking spaces are good examples of information that gets filled out in one location and then “shared” with other forms. Some of the v3 forms, though, may look deceptively short, because, often, the form will expand and have additional input areas once you click on a credit option or other selection, so make sure you play with this v3 forms to see how dynamic they are!


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