Construction Indoor Air Quality Management

Well, it’s Friday and only a couple weeks out from the beginning of college football season, so I’m in a good mood. Consequently, I decided to share a sample LEED Construction Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plan on the blog today. The sample plan, which you can download by clicking on the link below, is can be used as a first step in achieving the LEED credit for Indoor Air Quality Management Plan, During Construction (IEQ credit 3.1 in the New Construction Rating System) and includes six primary requirements:

  1. HVAC Protection– strategies such as MERV 8 filters and duct sealing to protect HVAC systems from contamination and dust collection during construction
  2. Source Control– use of low VOC products, site access, work procedures and protection of absorptive materials to limit potential building contamination and exposure to harmful materials
  3. Pathway Interruption– use of dust control, work area isolation and outside air ventilation
  4. Housekeeping– regularly scheduled and end of construction cleaning requirements
  5. Scheduling– just in time delivery methodology and installation sequencing
  6. Monitoring of IAQ Plan– requirements for site meetings and the requirements for regular photography of IAQ Plan procedures and processes, which is a LEED requirement

This sample plan is appropriate for most project types, but should, of course, be modified to suit the specific needs and requirements of your project. It may be desirable to add supplement or special requirements for projects where indoor air quality is especially important such as healthcare projects and schools.

Also remember to always take regular photographs of your Construction IAQ Management Plan in action!

Click here to download the sample plan.


2 thoughts on “Construction Indoor Air Quality Management

  1. Allison, I just came across your website. You have really great material here. I am in the process of revamping an old website of mine that is going to be dedicated to providing free resources for people in (or looking to get in) the sustainable field. Maybe we can host some of your articles. It would definitely put them in front of more eyes. What do you think?


    1. GreenLearner- sure that would be great- as long as you post a link to my site, not just host the content. I’d be happy to post a link/post in return as well! Drop me an email through my “contact” section.


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