How do I find CMP Approved Courses?

One of the big concerns about the new LEED Credential Maintenance Program (CMP), aside from the self-reporting process that I wrote about here back in July, is the availability and cost of “approved” courses. While there are opportunities to earn CMP hours through activities such as LEED project participation, and attending “un-approved” courses, the easiest way to ensure that your CMP activities count is by making sure they have been approved an an Education Review Body (ERB). Fortunately, the USGBC website maintains a list of all CMP approved courses at: Unfortunately, CMP approved courses are mixed in with non-CMP approved courses at this site. In order to get a list of just those that are CMP approved, you must click on the “Select Credits” button at the upper left hand portion of the directory and check the option for “GBCI CE Hours” in the window that pops up. Once you have made this selection, only courses that have been approved will be returned. The course catalog also gives you the opportunity to filter the returned results by “Subject”, “Format” and “Duration,” but unfortunately does not allow you to filter by course cost. While browsing thorough the courses, though, I did find several free options for webinars and articles which is very encouraging, and I plan to try some of these freebies out in the near future!


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