SHP Hamilton Open House

Last night I was privileged to attend the open house for SHP Leading Design’s new Hamilton, Ohio office space. While I have been part of this project from a sustainable design standpoint, last night was my first visit to the completed space and it was exciting to see all of the strategies we had been working to employ completed. Since Hamilton, Ohio was the birthplace of SHP over a hundred years ago, our continued presence in the community is extremely important to us, and our new location in the heart of downtown is a celebration of our past, being only a few blocks from our original office, as well as our future commitment to the community. The new office space is a terrific example of balancing history and aspirations in the heart of a vibrant community.

The foundation of the design of this office space is the historic building that it occupies, and the building’s history is apparent throughout the space in the immaculately restored tin ceiling that hovers above all of the work spaces. History also abounds in the beautiful conference room table that was crafted from the original wood bleachers from Hamilton High School and the artifacts of firm history displayed throughout the office. The space is, however, a modern workplace with careful attention paid to appropriate lighting, energy efficient mechanical systems, water efficient fixtures and environmentally preferable building materials and furnishings.

More information to come once the space achieves the LEED Gold Certification that it is pursuing!


One thought on “SHP Hamilton Open House

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