LEED Credential Maintenance Program Matrix

The Green Building Certification Institute’s Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) for LEED Green Associates and LEED APs with Specialty is one complex animal! If you read the official Credential Maintenance Program guide available here from GBCI, you will know that there are 8 possible delivery methods for earning continuing education (CE) hours ranging from attending a course approved by an official Education Review Body (ERB) to writing a book about green building to working on a LEED project. To complicate matters even more, some continuing education delivery methods such as “Live Presentations” and “LEED Project Participation” can only be used to achieve a limited number of CE hours. Additionally, of the 30 CE hours required for a LEED AP with Specialty every two years, at least 6 CE hours must be “LEED-specific” and only some delivery methods are eligible to be considered “LEED-specific.” Yikes.

As if the CMP wasn’t enough, all of the CE hours you accumulate during your reporting period must be self-reported using an online reporting system that is no more clear than the program itself. Trying to report my hours over the past year has been quite a learning experience. The biggest problem I found was that the online reporting system does not clearly track how many hours you have reported in each of the delivery methods, so it would be very easy to report more hours than you were allowed using a particular delivery method and not even realize it. Additionally, the online reporting form asks for an “activity description” and “activity details” and the requirementas for what has to be contained in each of these fields varies depending on what delivery method is being used. Of course, there’s also still the problem of selecting the correct delivery method for your CE hours- what’s the difference between a professional development/continuing education course and a live presentation?

Since I was having such a problem figuring out the reporting system and since I knew that it was going to be my job to teach the rest of my firm how to report their time, I decided to develop a matrix for CE tracking. This matrix contains a tracking form, descriptions of the delivery methods and their associated “activity description” and “activity details” requirements as well as the accepted concept categories which are all the topics that GBCI has stated will be acceptable for LEED credential maintenance. This matrix is meant to be used in conjunction with the online reporting system. The matrix does a couple things to help simplify the reporting process:

  1. It keeps track of how many hours are being recorded using each “delivery method” so delivery method maximums are not exceeded
  2. It places all of the necessary CMP definitions, descriptions and requirements in one place
  3. Since the online reporting system is a little onerous to use, this matrix can be used to track your time through the reporting period and then everything can be uploaded at once

I’ve decided to go ahead and make my matrix available on the blog, so if you click here you can download a blank matrix (Excel spreadsheet) for your use. Since it is a complicated system, you can also click here to download an example matrix with some CE hours entered for reference. Hope it helps!


2 thoughts on “LEED Credential Maintenance Program Matrix

  1. Hi there,

    You’re certainly correct about the complexity of this program. It seems like you’ve gotten a great handle on it and are doing a great job helping to explain the CMP in the marketplace.

    I wanted to comment on one thing: You said there was complexity in deciding whether a course or presentation falls into the ‘professional development/continuing education’ category or the ‘live presentation’ category. There is an easy solution for this!

    Any course, tour, article or conference that is listed in the USGBC course catalog is pre-approved for GBCI CE Hours and falls into the professional development/continuing education category. ALL courses in the catalog are in that category. There is no limit to the number of GBCI CE Hours you can earn in the Professional Development/Continuing Education category. Anything else is considered a Live Presentation.

    Here is the course catalog: http://www.usgbc.org/courses.

    Associate, Education Review
    U.S. Green Building Council


    1. Molly- thanks so much for the comment. I agree that once you’ve read through the CMP guide, it is very clear what the difference between professional development/continuing education and live presentations. I often get questions about the difference, though, from people who are trying to self-report hours and have not thoroughly acquainted themselves with the CMP guide, because this distinction does not exist in many of the other continuing education program out there!


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