Unlocked LEED 2009 Checklists from Real Life LEED

I must have missed it when Joel at Real Life LEED posted his free, unlocked LEED 2009 checklists back in January, but I am very happy that I found them today! The official LEED 2009 checklists published on USGBC’s website are a real pain because there’s no comment column and the spreadsheets are COMPLETELY locked down, not even allowing a minor change like adding a title for your intended Innovation in Design credits.  Since I’m so happy to find these unlocked versions, I thought I’d share- click on the link below to access the scorecards at Real Life LEED:

Unlocked LEED 2009 checklists at Real Life LEED

UPDATE: As of the middle of July, USGBC has released new versions of the official checklists that include a notes column and are “unlocked”. Great news! These new scorecards are available at www.usgbc.org.


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