Readers React to “Green” College Marketing

I just finished reading an article on USA Today online, entitled “More Colleges Using Green as a Selling Tool” (click here to read it). In my opinion, it’s a decent article that outlines how many colleges and universities are beginning to include sustainability initiatives such as energy use reduction and recycling programs into their student recruitment literature and brochures as well as in their campus tours for prospective students. Great. Right? What shocked me about the article was the comments that people have written!

Amerloque writes: “”Manmade global warming”, aka AGW, is a quasi-religious cult based on junk science, selective cognition and magical thinking. It is a scientific, intellectual, political, financial and moral scam. The climate has been changing for millions upon millions of years.”

And Bruce6789 writes: “more colleges are asking for more green as an entering tool. Just what we need more liberal colleges that give out degrees that you can’t even wash the floor with.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty shocked by this negativity. The article didn’t contain any mention of forcing students or parents to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” or early, voluntary adoption of carbon trading, heck, the article didn’t even contain the words “carbon”, “global warming” or “climate change.”  Are they really upset about conserving energy and recycling? Even if you don’t believe in global warming are those really such evil concepts? Are they upset that these colleges are trying to strengthen their business case and appeal to more students? Wait, that’s not bad either, right? How about all that money the colleges are saving by conserving energy- that’s got to be the offensive part. Several of the comments focus on colleges raising tuition and costing a fortune, so I would think that aspect at least would be appealing. Perhaps not.

Personally, I don’t care if you’re a liberal or a conservative, believe in global warming or think it’s complete nonsense. All I’m asking for is the application of a little common sense!


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