Weddings Go Green

I was really going to spare everyone the details of my own recent wedding planning process, but there are just so many great eco-friendly options for weddings these days that I just can’t help myself! First of all, there are numerous websites to guide wedding planners toward green ideas and options. The sites I found most helpful in my planning were:

There are also many wedding vendors that are starting to offer “green” options. I was surprised to find everything from invitations printed on recycled card stock with vegetable based inks to organic wedding favors and wedding dresses made from eco-friendly fabrics readily available (although not always cost effective!). My favorite resource through my planning process quickly became Etsy, on online marketplace for handmade goods. Through Etsy, I was able to work with some amazing artisans and  customize what materials they used in order to make my wedding as sustainable as possible. So here’s a rundown of some of the ways I tried to make only a small impact on the environment with my big day:

– The chosen venue was primarily outdoors counting mainly on the beautiful Spring weather for lighting and cooling

– The florist was asked to use only flowers that were in season and available in the United States

– The caterer worked with local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible

– I made my bridesmaids’ dresses out of simple cotton seersucker that is not only eco-friendly but will also hopefully allow my bridesmaids to wear their dresses again. Similarly, the guys wore Poplin suits that they can wear again and again

– While there was nothing partidularly sustainable about my wedding dress, my plan is to donate it to goodwill so that someone else will be able to use it as well (just as soon as I get around to getting it cleaned!)

– All paper products, such as the invitations, were printed on card stock with recycled content

– The wedding favors (pictured above) were all natural birdseed becomes a treat for our guests’ backyard birds after the wedding


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