Shaw Floors: Tigressa Carpet Launch

While Allison is sitting on a beach in Jamaica this week on her honeymoon, I have taken over Building My Green Life.  This is my first experience in the blogosphere so watch out world!  You are probably saying to yourself “get with it woman.”   My name is Carrie Malatesta and I am an Interior Designer at SHP Leading Design.  I have been in the industry for 10 years (time flies when you are having fun) and LOVE what I do.  Our environment, both interior and exterior, has a huge affect on our everyday lives.  If you close your eyes and think about your favorite place, you are probably thinking about the color, the texture and the scale of that place.  These are all tied to your senses.  Maybe your favorite place has soft, lush carpet.  I was invited this week to participate in a very fun and interactive event to launch a new residential carpet, Tigressa, by Shaw.  Shaw is one of the largest flooring companies in the US.

Carpet and Sustainability

It seems to me that putting carpet and sustainability in the same sentence is an oxymoron.  It is reported that around 800 million square yards of carpet gets dumped into our landfills per year in the US.  That is an incredible amount of carpet.  Shaw has recognized that this is a major problem and is working to help solve this issue.  Shaw’s approach to sustainability focuses on the triple bottom line: economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability.

I was impressed that Shaw put together a 2008 sustainability report.  This report was given to all the attendees at the Tigressa event.  It is evident that Shaw is leading the charge in the flooring industry to provide some data that actually proves they are trying to make a difference.  If you are interested in looking at some of this information first hand, visit  You can recycle your carpet from your home and business.  85% of all carpet reclaimed by Shaw is recycled carpet to carpet.  Shaw has established a nationwide carpet collection network with recycling centers in most major markets.

I was also impressed with Shaw’s commitment to social sustainability.  Of course Shaw is in the business of producing and selling flooring but they have also realized the importance of sustaining people and the environment.  Tigressa carpet is named after the tiger, one of the world’s strongest creatures.  Tigers are also known for their soft fur.  Tigressa is made up of strong nylon fibers that are durable enough to stand up to greater traffic and more spills without showing wear over time (allowing the carpet to be on the floor longer before having to be replaced).

To accompany the release of this line of carpet, Tigressa is partnering with the Save the Tiger Fund (STF) to raise money for its endangered namesake.  Save the Tiger Fund also works to empower local people to live in balance with their natural resources.  A portion of all Tigressa carpet sales at any Carpet One Floor & Home, Flooring America and Flooring Canada retailer between May 16 and August 20, 2010 will be donated to STF.   There is also a Tigressa Sweepstakes running from May 16 to August 20, 2010.  The featured grand prize is a trip for two to India to see the tigers.  There will also be three first prize $1,500 Tigressa gift cards and five second prize digital cameras.  No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes.  Visit to enter!


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