Future Food

As a follow-up to my post a couple months back on “sustainable dining” I want to comment on a show that I saw yesterday that really takes that concept beyond local and organic produce. While flipping through the channels, My fiance and I happened upon a show called “Future Food” on the Planet Green channel (whose parent company appears to be the Discovery Channel). At first I accused my fiance of stopping on a “guy show” because the first scene we saw was some chefs splattering bratwurst with a paintball gun and then attempting to cook it using a flamethrower. However, I quickly became interested in the show when they switched gears and revealed this weeks “challenge” which was to make appealing, delicious foods out of “waste” products.

These waste products included the brats they had ruined with the paintball gun/flamethrower as well as a bunch of potato skin peels and lees (a waste product from the wine making process). Not only did they have to make something edible out of these leftovers, but it had to be good enough to please a set of food critics who would be on hand to judge the food. The result was actually pretty amazing- through some innovative preparation techniques and a lot of creativity, the chefs on the show were able to essentially recycle the food scraps into high class dishes that looked and (apparently) tasted great. It really opened my eyes to how much further we can push the sustainability envelope when it comes to food. I would definitely recommend checking out this show if you happen to have the Planet Green channel!


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