Important LEED Note for Firefox Users!

If you use LEED Online v.3 and Mozilla Firefox, I am sure you are already (painfully) aware that the LEED v.3 website does not support the use of Firefox (only Internet Explorer or Safari). They keep promising future compliance, but at this point, I’ll believe it when I see it. LEED Online v. 2 will let you use Firefox with only slightly more errors than if you are using Internet Explorer.

Here’s the breaking news though: the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) online customer submission forms are also not compatible with Firefox. Unlike the LEED Online website, however, the GBCI website does not warn you that their forms will not work on Firefox. In fact, you can submit a form using Firefox and it looks like everything worked just fine- no error messages or anything. The problem is that you form was not actually sent and GBCI will not receive it. So, by all means- keep waiting for a response that is never going to come. GBCI is aware of the issue- one of their phone customer service reps told me that you can’t use Firefox when I called to ask why I had never heard back about me customer service request. It would certainly be nice if they would indicate this issue on their website, but since they haven’t done so- I’m trying to spread the word for them: don’t use Firefox to submit GBCI customer service requests!


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